Akriveia Therapeutics’ proprietary platform is at the heart of our discovery and development process. The platform was developed based on the pioneering work of Professor Ulrich Rodeck and Professor John Williams, faculty at Thomas Jefferson University and the City of Hope Beckman Research Institute respectively.

The platform enables Akriveia to produce cancer immunotherapies that are specifically activated in the local environment of the cancer. The tumor-specific activation of these powerful molecules may yield treatments with the same or higher levels of efficacy but with the advantage of significantly reducing, or potentially eliminating, treatment related side-effects. These new treatments may also be more safely combined with other therapies.

Akriveia achieves precise targeting of therapeutic activity by engineering biomolecules to exploit the dysregulated biochemistry of the tumor micro-environment to pharmacologically activate an otherwise biologically inert molecule in this micro-environment. The bio-engineering process is called Aklusion™, and the resulting engineered biomolecules are called Akluded™ molecules.

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